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ROS publisher to publish skeleton data streamed via NatNet 3.1 protocol for Motive 2.1. Based on PythonClient example of NatNet SDK 3.1 software
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skeleton_pkg README:

Modified PythonClient example of NatNetSDK 3.1 for skeleton tracking with Motive 2.1. This is a ROS driver/node to publish the skeleton data.

Original example here:

Edited original example to make a ROS publisher to publish geometry_msgs/PoseArray of the skeleton that I am tracking (upper body markerset. 25 markers). Skeleton is streamed in NatNet as a set of rigid bodies. My skeleton is sent as 13 rigid bodies ( neck, hip, left upper arm, left lower arm, etc). Used NAT_PING in> self.sendCommand() call to receive mo-cap data.

For your use, edit> skeletonMessage() which is a callback triggered when a rigid body data is received.

Start a roscore and run-

rosrun skeleton_pkg

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