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It is possible to enjoy a lifetime of travel and should be even if you have allergies. By planning ahead and research the destination, you can be allergy aware and stay safe while travelling. However, this can add a lot of time and stress to planning even short trips, this is where Healthgram helps. we are developing a reponsive web app that will address any kind of allergies such as peanut allergy, nut allergy, pollen allergy or any diseases that happen in the destination that user want to go. our target customers will mostly tourists and travellers.

Our app focuses on:

  • Map and the major airplane routes connecting different countries
  • Recent allergies and diseases outbreaks in the specific countries
  • Suggestive vaccines to take for the immunization from the risked disease or allergy
  • A forum for the people to exchange the current situation on the disease or allergy outbreak




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