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+ MAT - Magic Angle Turning
+ 2000 - 2001
+ Developed by Kunal Kandekar and Subodh Joshi
+This was undertaken a final-year project for our Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
+degree in Instrumentation & Control engineering. We implemented a real-time
+embedded control system for "Magic Angle Turning" for specialized Nuclear
+Magnetic Resonance (NMR) experiments.
+All (except a vanishingly small minority, e.g. us) of NMR experiments utilize
+something called "Magic Angle Spinning" (MAS). Here, the sample to be analyzed
+is oriented at the magic angle (54.7356 degrees) and spun at very high speeds
+(multiples at KHz) in a ridiculously strong magnetic field. (And I mean
+RIDICULOUSLY; google for "MRI accidents" -- MRI is comparable to NMR)
+Our project applied to a very specialized form of experimentation, called Magic
+Angle Turning (MAT) where the sample is turned at much lower speeds (30 to
+ 100 Hz). Since conventional NMR equipment was not designed for MAT, specialized
+eqiupment (such as ours) is required.
+We wrote the code in raw 8051 assembly, using an Atmel 8051 microcontroller.
+We used the voice coil of a cheap audio speaker (literally ripped out of a PC
+speaker) to precisely modulate pneumatic pressure. Check out "flapper-nozzle"
+for it's doable.
+Also, check out the "32 bit by 16 bit division" routine. It divides a 32-bit
+number by a 16-bit number on an 8-bit device in raw 8051 assembly. No floating
+point, of course. It takes advantage of a specialized 16-bit by 8-bit division
+instruction our Atmel microcontroller had. With his, we were able to measure
+frequency from inter-interrupt intervals (heheheh, just made that up) up to 2
+decimal places of accuracy. This level of accuracy was needed to maintain a
+stable spinning speed, since only a 0.01 variance is tolerable for MAT NMR
7 copyright.txt
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+All code authored by Kunal Kandekar and Subodh Joshi
+Copyright 2000 - 2001
+License: Undecided as yet. If you find this code somehow, and want to use it for
+some insane reason, feel free to do so for non-commercial/private use, but
+otherwise please contact me at I probably won't stop
+you from using it anyway, it's just that I am unsure of how to license it.
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