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A plugin for Team City CI to identify pending tasks in code.
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Tasks TeamCity plugin

This TeamCity plugin provides a new build runner, which will scan the files in your project and build a report with tasks's based on that.

Kotlin Fork of Todos plugin

Original plugin - TODOs Plugin

This is my way to learn Kotlin and build a teamcity plugin while learning it.

Additional features over todos plugin(Apart form being in awesome kotlin):

  1. Sensible defaults for inputs.

  2. Option to mark the build as failed when critical tasks are found.

  3. Task count statistics reported to team city directly and can be viewed in the graph.

  4. Cleaner results page.

Getting started

Installing a release

Installing the plugin is done the same way as installing another TeamCity plugin. Everything needed by the plugin is contained in the zip package that is built for every release. This zip must be installed on the TeamCity server in the 'plugins' folder under the 'TeamCity Data Directory'.

More information can be found on the TeamCity Documentation Site from JetBrains.

Build your own

Building your own version of the plugin is not difficult if you have experience with Maven. Using maven, the plugin can be built as follows:

mvn clean package

This will compile all submodules and package everything in a zip, which is placed in the 'target' folder.


To use the plugin, an extra build step must be added in your TeamCity project. This build step has the type 'Task Build Runner' and has several settings that must be configured. These settings can be configured from inside the TeamCity web interface.

Source filter

  • Include patterns: a list of globbing patterns to indicate the files that must be scanned for task items

  • Exclude patterns: a list of globbing patterns to indicate files that cannot be scanned (first the include pattern is evaluated, and afterwards the exclude pattern)

Task level filter

  • Minor level: regular expression to find task items for level 'minor'
  • Major level: regular expression to find task items for level 'major'
  • Critical level: regular expression to find task items for level 'critical'


The report with the task items in a project is visible in the TeamCity web interface as part of the build page. On this page, an extra tab is provided with the name 'Task Build Runner'. This tab shows the files that contain task items, together with the importance level of the task and the line number where the task was found in the source file.

Clicking on the file name will reveal or hide extra lines before and after the task items to provide context.


Stats reported to team city with each build which can be added to the statistics graph. Reported statistic values - Pending Critical Tasks, Pending Major Tasks, Pending Minor Tasks.


  • Configuration Options

alt text

  • Success status

alt text

  • Failure status when critical tasks found

alt text

  • Results Page

alt text

  • Statistics

alt text

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