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### [3.8.136](v3.8.135...v3.8.136) (2021-09-14)

### Chores

* **deps:** lock file maintenance ([#102](#102)) ([580dfef](580dfef))

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🔐 encrypt0r

Encrypt and Decrypt files on a Mac, Windows or Linux using a Passphrase

encrypt0r start screen

💡 Motivation

Sometimes you just need a quick way to encrypt files securely using a passphrase. I started this project to explore the world of Electron and learn about cryptography.

encrypt0r provides a simple drag and drop interface to encrypt/decrypt your files using a password.

🔏 Signing Issues

When running the app on Mac/Windows, you might get an untrusted developer warning. This is because the app is not signed by the developer (aka me). Signing an app requires a Signing Certificate that costs hundreds of dollars per year. Apart from the warning, the app works as advertised.

Here's a quick video of the warning on Windows:

📹 Demo