Type-safe dimensional analysis and unit conversion in Kotlin.
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A DSL for type-safe dimensional analysis and unit conversion in Kotlin.


Please look at this sample code for DSL usage. Configuration documentation can be found on the wiki.

Gradle Installation

In ./build.gradle:

buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven { url 'http://repo.kunalsheth.info/' }
    dependencies {
        classpath 'info.kunalsheth.units:plugin:4.0.3'
apply plugin: 'info.kunalsheth.units.gradle'

apply from: 'units-of-measure.gradle'

In ./units-of-measure.gradle:

generateUnitsOfMeasure {
    // do all configuration here
sourceSets.main.kotlin.srcDir generateUnitsOfMeasure.generatedSrcDir
compileKotlin.dependsOn(generateUnitsOfMeasure) // may vary


Type-safe dimensional analysis and unit conversion can be extremely beneficial to a team. From personal experience, using type-safe calculations result in:

  • Faster Development — IDE autocomplete provides meaningful predictions, rather than just listing every number in scope.
  • Cleaner Code — Variable names will be of a reasonable length now that unit information is documented by the type.
  • Higher Confidence — All unit/dimension related bugs will show up at compile time. Debugging is less difficult and time-consuming.

units-of-measure's novel, metaprogramming approach to the problem makes it:

  1. Incredibly Extendable — Adding new functionality is as simple as adding a line to your build file. No tedious "hand-coding" is required.
  2. Small — You only generate what you need. You are not forced to bundle every conceivable unit, quantity, and dimension with your app.
  3. Bug Resistant — Programming by hand is error prone and time-consuming. Code generation can ensure correctness.

Todo List

  • Make it work.
  • Generate implicit relationships as well.
  • Make annotations easier to write and manage.
  • Add support for unit conversions.
  • Add docs. (wiki)
  • Add metric prefixes.
  • Multiplatform.
  • Stronger support for generic use (Quantity<This, IntegralOfThis, DerivativeOfThis>)
  • Generic reciprocal functions?
  • Optimize for faster compilation and runtime.
  • Benchmark performance hit in contrast to primitives. (Can someone help me with this?)