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Adaptive MOOClet Quiz LTI tool
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Adaptive MOOClet LTI



An LTI tool that enables the creation and embedding of adaptive MOOClet quizzes in a course. Implemented in Python/Django.

Installing the tool in an LMS

Currently only tested with Canvas.


Open a browser and enter:

Copy all the XML data; you will need this to install your tool in Canvas.

Navigate to the settings page of the course you would like to install the tool for. (Note that this settings page can be found on the left sidebar of the course page. This is different from the settings page found in the upper right toolbar.) Add tool to Canvas 1

Click the "Add New App" button. You may choose any name for the tool. Consumer Key and Shared Secret must be the key and value you choose for lti_oauth_credentials in Configuration type should be Paste XML. In the following text box, paste the XML that was generated at

Add tool to Canvas 2

Developer setup


Libraries include

Downloading the repository and installing requirements

# download repo
git clone
# (optional) create virtual environment
# install requirements
pip install -r requirements_local.txt --upgrade

# try removing the "--upgrade" option if you're using a conda environment and get a setuptools related error


You must edit before deploying your application. The file can be used as a template. If you do not have a django_secret_key, you can start a new django project to obtain one.

Remember the key and value you choose for lti_oauth_credentials; you will need this when installing the tool in Canvas.


	# required for Django
	'django_secret_key': 'changeme,',

	# required for LTI
	'lti_oauth_credentials': {
		'key': 'value',

Initialize project

python migrate
# (optional: create superuser)
python collectstatic
python runsslserver

Now open a browser and enter: https://localhost:8000/qlb/tool_config Your browser will likely block you from viewing this page. You must override this. Chrome Security Warning

Copy all the XML data; you will need this to install your tool in Canvas.

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