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KONECT Extraction

This collection of network extraction tools is part of the KONECT
project, i.e., the Koblenz Network Collection, a network analysis
project by Jérôme Kunegis at the University of Namur, Belgium. 

This package contains code for generating the network datasets used in

In each subdirectory of extr/ you can find code to extract one group of
datasets, usually from one source, and generate a TSV file from it.  If
you are looking for the code for a specific network, you can find the
name of the subirectory in the field "extr" of the meta.* file, which
comes with the TSV files you can download from our network pages.

Please note that not every network has the extraction code publically
available.  This is only the code we can make available.  Also, many
datasets have been extracted so long ago that we don't have the code
anymore.  Also, some datasets have been contributed by people that
didn't give us their code.  (If you contribute a dataset to KONECT, the
best is to give us a self-contained directory that uses Stu to generate
the dataset in the correct format.)

Keep in mind that most code in here WAS EXECUTED JUST ONCE.  The code is
of corresponding quality.  We provide the code for the purpose of full
disclosure -- not in order to deliver a full-features extraction

Some directories here also contain code for analysing the datasets,
which has been used in a few papers.  


To build the datasets, execute "make" or "stu" inside each subdirectory
of extr/, depending on whether a 'Makefile' or a 'main.stu' is present.
The code downloads the datasets from their online sources and converts
them to the KONECT format.

Note that many directories have additional requirements.  Read the
'Makefile' or 'main.stu' (or rarely, 'README') for more information. 


You may need to install the following additional software packages,
depending on the dataset: 

    - Stu:
    - Perl 5
    - Some other tools; depending on the dataset

Extraction Tools

The directories sh/ and c/ contain general-purpose functions for
transforming data into the KONECT format.  They are used by various
directories under extr/, and you may also use them to extract your own



If you use and like KONECT, please consider contributing to it by making a
donation to:	


The extraction code and library is distributed under the terms of the
GNU General Public License version 3, which you can find provided in the
file 'COPYING' in this directory. 


We're converting the directories to Stu, a replacement for Make, also
written at the University of Namur.  Stu can be installed from

Stu targets:

default target:  generate all data.

@deploy:  copy over to konect/.  These copy the relevant files into
konect/dat/, but usually don't create the symlinks in uni/.

Code Quality

Most code in the directories is broken, because it was last executed
just once, and that was a long time ago in most cases.  Many things have
changed in the time.  If you want to execute any of this code, you'll
most likely need to hack it.  

In particular:

- The URL from which KONECT gets the data is not available anymore. 
- Scripts have been moved to sh/, but uses of it have not been updated
- Extraction directories are now all under extr/, but code has not been
- Some code is really old and was written long before I learned proper
  practices for writing shell scripts, etc.

Also, some directories use Stu and older ones Make.  

If you need help, please politely ask Jérôme Kunegis
<> and he may update the code to work.  (Up to
websites that have disappeared; Jérôme can't do anything about those ;)