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If you want to contribute your dataset to KONECT, you are welcome. In
order of preference, we accept the following:
(1) A self-contained directory containing Stu code that downloads the
dataset from a long-term stable location on the Web and transforms
it to KONECT format. Preferred programming languages are the shell
and Perl 5. Other programming languages are accepted if they are easy
to execute (i.e., as scripts). In particular, we won't be unhappy
about Python, Ruby, Perl 6, Bash, etc. If your program needs to be
compiled (e.g., C, C++, Java), then please provide a self-contained
directory that executes the compilation and the extraction. We
don't accept precompiled files (e.g., *.jar, ELF).
(2) A long-term stable URL of a dataset, in KONECT format.
(3) A long-term stable URL of a dataset, in text format.
(4) Giving us the dataset in KONECT format.
(5) Giving us the dataset in a text format.
If your dataset is in a binary format, please convert it to text first.
The simpler the better: we prefer a one-edge-per-line text format to
XML; we prefer XML to a binary format such as XLS.
You get bonus points if you use Git directly and issue a pull request to
our GitHub repository: