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A simple Pidgin plug-in to look up received and typed words from Wikipedia.
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Wikipedia Lookup Pidgin Plugin

You can find more detailed information on the Wiki:

Building and Installation
First cd into source directory and  create a new directory. Now cd into the new
directory and run the following comands:

$ make

To install the plugin run:

$ make install

Please notice, that the build-script is at work and might not work in some cases.
If that happens, please write a bug report or an mail. 

How to use
First add the plugin (Tools->Plugins). After that, call the Settings dialog and choose your preferred Wikipedia language.

Open a conversation window and type in a word. Now open the context-menu (right-click on the word) and move the mouse pointer over the word you typed in. Now a tooltip window with a short description should appear. If you want to open the related article on Wikipedia, left-click on the menu entry. 

More functions coming soon. 


Hendrik Kunert
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