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The code in this directory is written about at:

The basic idea is that CUDA under OS X is only supported with g++, and in fact clang++ will
choke due to a number of reasons, one of which is support for certain atomic instructions, the
names of which escape me now.

On the other hand the g++ that ships with OS X does not support C++ 11.

So what is one to do if one wants to use C++ 11, OS X, and CUDA simultaneously? This is
one possible solution.

That said, the robustness of it is IMO highly suspect. Hopefully NVIDIA will suport
clang++ or Apple will support a version of g++ with C++ 11 support soon. Until then 
at least I can move forward.

   README - This file.
   Makefile - Build instructions for nvcc, g++, and clang++ on OS X Mountain Lion - A CUDA code for squaring an array of floats. This is compiled with g++.
   main.cxx  - A main line which allocates host and device memory and runs the CUDA code.
               This file is compiled with clang++.

All linking is done with the clang++ tool chain.

  * Use of std::cout under g++ causes link errors. This is due to some vagaries with
  static initializaton, probably related to how iostream is implemented. This only
  seems to happen when c++-11 support is on in clang, however.