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from queue import Queue
class Node:
def __init__(self):
self.goto = {} = {}
# if set, represents a keyword
self.entry = None
# links to the next suffix that is a keyword
self.output = None
# longest proper suffix that is another node - this is only needed
# to construct the structure but it's simpler to co-locate with
# the node.
self.suffix = None
def get_matches(self):
matches = []
output = self
while output is not None:
if (output.entry is not None):
output = output.output
return matches
# I dislike the fact we need to construct the alphabet explicitly,
# just so we can avoid the while loop in the search function, as
# Aho and Corasick's paper describes.
def get_letters(entries):
alphabet = set()
for entry in entries:
for c in entry:
return alphabet
def insert_trie(trie, entry):
node = trie
for c in entry:
if c not in node.goto:
node.goto[c] = Node()
node = node.goto[c]
node.entry = entry
def build_structure(entries):
trie = Node()
trie.suffix = trie
for entry in entries:
insert_trie(trie, entry)
queue = Queue()
alphabet = get_letters(entries)
while not queue.empty():
node = queue.get()
for a in alphabet:
suffix = node.suffix
while suffix is not trie and a not in suffix.goto:
suffix = suffix.suffix
jump_node = trie
if a in suffix.goto:
jump_node = suffix.goto[a]
if a not in node.goto:[a] = jump_node
child = node.goto[a]
if jump_node is child: # cannot jump to itself
jump_node = trie
child.suffix = jump_node
if jump_node.entry is not None:
child.output = jump_node
child.output = jump_node.output
return trie
def search(text, entries):
lookup = build_structure(entries)
node = lookup
match_pairs = []
for i, c in enumerate(text):
if c in node.goto:
node = node.goto[c]
elif c in
node =[c]
# This can happen if c is a character that only exists in H but not
# in S
node = lookup
matches = node.get_matches()
if len(matches) > 0:
for match in matches:
match_pairs.append((i - len(match) + 1, i + 1))
return match_pairs
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