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v0.1.0, 2010-11-25
1, Initial release;
v0.1.1, 2010-11-27:
1, Removed GeoIP.dat, due to licence(or money) problem.
2, renamed city property to City, renamed country property to Country.
3, Allow close method to set all properties of an exsiting obj to undefined.
v0.1.2, 2010-12-02:
1, Fixed missing of isIP method in node 0.2.x series.
2, Hidden some unsafe an useless funcions.
v0.1.3, 2010-12-02:
1. Fixed that open and close methos dosen't works in real script.
v0.2.1, 2010-12-03:
1, added support for GeoIPASNum.dat binary data.
2, make org_by_addr method return an array of org name string.
v0.3.0, 2010-12-15:
1, All module now has asynchronous version method
2, When data is not match with module, throw an error object.
3, When not found desired data, return an error string instead an error objerct.
v0.3.1, 2010-12-16:
1, Limit the length of the floating part of latitude and langitude to 6 digits.
v0.3.2, 2011-01-21:
1, add geoip.check(data) method
2, validate country binary data based on 8-types fingerprint.
3, support nodejs v0.3.6
4, make geoip.close(data) method sync style
v0.3.3, 2011-02-06:
1, drop support for nodejs 0.2.1, pass testing up to nodejs 0.3.8.
2, add geoip.filter method.
3, re-writed testing shell script.
4, If not found matched data, alway return null.
5, use index.js as default main module.
6, added github bug reporting address.
v0.3.3-1, 2011-02-12
1, make compatibility with nodejs v0.4.0 stable branch.
v0.3.4, 2011-02-15
1, new seekCountry algorithm, speedup to about 3x faster (Vladimir Dronnikov)
2, added simple usage property
3, improve org_by_domain method output
v0.3.4-1, 2011-03-07
1, fixed cotinent typo
V0.4.0beta1, 2011-05-11
switch to geoip C library binding
v0.4.0beta2, 2011-05-15
1, added error checking in async methods
2, fixed latitude and longitude range problems
3, added city property in record object
v0.4.0rc, 2011-05-20
1, implemented basic ipv6 support in Country module
2, fixed vavious typos
v0.4.0, 2011-05-23
1, added country ipv6 samples
2, clear some redundant codes
v0.4.0final, 2011-05-24
1, change version to 0.4.0final
v0.4.1, 2011-06-21
1, build addon during installation not preinstall
v0.4.2, 2011-07-23
1, enbale update database on the fly
2, disable close method
3, removed all sleep function
4, always execute lookup in the main thread
5, separate county ipv6 into a indiviual module
v0.4.2-1, 2011-07-24
1, added James Taylor as contributor
2, added libgeoip's version literature
v0.4.2-2, 2011-08-01
1, disabled libgeoip version literature due to compatibility issue.
v0.4.3, 2011-08-03
1, enabled converting city name to utf8 characters
v0.4.4, 2011-09-15
1, support lookup city information through ipv6 address
v0.4.5, 2011-11-07
1, now needs nodejs >= 0.6.0
v0.4.6, 2012-07-29
1, fully support nodejs 0.8.x, breaking the compatibility with 0.6.x
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