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SpeedCell support? #46

mcvella opened this Issue · 6 comments

2 participants


I see the netspeed binaries are supported, but not the version with cellular data. Could this support be added?


Where I can get testing data for SpeedCell?


It should be available via Maxmind with a Netspeed subscription. If you can access the one without cellular data, you should be able to access the one with cellular data as well. Is there any other way I can help?


Let me know if you have access to this data and plan on adding support... otherwise, we can probably take a look into adding this support. Thanks!


OK, I created a pull request with my changes to support the version with cellular data.


Turn to #58


@kuno kuno closed this

It is basically a netspeed database that flags cellular (mobile) connections. I am not sure whey they decided to release this in a different format.

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