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Nodejs Ecosystem COordinator
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Nodejs Ecosyste COordinator, just like vitualenv for python.

What is a nodejs ecosystem?

An nodejs ecosystem = nodejs (+ npm (+ modules (+ Your applications))).

System command dependency

  • wget: For download nodejs archive

  • tar: For decompress nodejs archive

  • make: For building nodejs

  • sed: For building nodejs

  • install: For building nodejs


Through node package mamanger

    npm install neco


neco <command>

Currently where <command> should be one of the below commands:

create      -  create a new node ecosystem
    Usage:  neco create <id> [node-version]

remove      -  remove an existing ecosystem
    Usage:  neco remove <id>

list        -  list all installed node ecosystems
    Usage:  neco list

updaet      - update local dist file to latest
    Usage:  neco update

find        -  find out the available node release(s)
    Usage:  neco find [stable, latest, <version>]

activate    -  show how to activate an existing node ecosystem
    Usage:  neco activate <id>

deactivate  -  show how to deactivate an active node ecosystem
    Usage:  neco deactivate <id>

howto       -  show usage information
    Usage:  neco howto

Git repository:

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