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Basic starter template for MMPilot - Bring your own frameworks
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This is a basic starter template for MMPilot - It doesn't include any CSS framework or JavaScript libraries.

It has just the bare bone files and setup to kickstart your website with MMPilot.

Live Demo

You may also want to check out other advanced MMPilot templates, in case this template is too minimal for you.

How to use this template

  1. Clone or download this template.

  2. Install dependencies: npm install

  3. Start dev server with live reload: npm run dev

  4. Add your website code as per your choice.

  5. Change package.json and _mmpilot.yml to add your own details.

  6. Build for production: npm run build

Deploy to GitHub pages (Optional)

  1. Change the remote url to your own github repo. git remote set-url origin <Your Git Repo URL>

  2. Deploy to GitHub pages by running npm run deploy


Licensed under the MIT License

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