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@kanishkkunal kanishkkunal released this Nov 20, 2016

Added support for generating RSS feeds

  • RSS 2.0 feeds.
  • Full or summary in RSS posts
  • Limit entries in feeds

Added support for redirected paths

  • Configured in _mmpilot.yml

Added new config param config.out. Dest paths are now relative to this. This allows simpler config params for blogs and other dest directories
Default config.out = 'public'

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Nov 18, 2016
Version 0.5.1

@kanishkkunal kanishkkunal released this Nov 18, 2016

Adding support for generation of blog

  • Multiple blogs can be configured using _blog.yml file in blog root folder
  • Blogs can be written in Markdown (.md) or Pug (.pug) format
  • Front matter for posts and pages
  • Category and Tags support for blog posts
  • Blog index, category and tag archive with pagination
  • Support for full content and summary for posts in archives
  • Support for working with drafts during development builds

Breaking changes

  • .pug files also need to specify front matter
  • Change in default folder structure for _includes and _layouts files. These can now be specified via the _mmpilot.yml config file.
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Nov 4, 2016
Version 0.4.4