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Simple always-on-top beat visualization grid.
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Author: Steven Yi<>

A program for visualizing beat groups.


BeatViz shows a 4x4 grid that represents groupings of ticks, beats, bars, and phrases. (Tick here meaning a single 16th note, as used within the Csound Live Code system.) The grid updates as follows:

  1. The top row ticks every sixteenth-note (4 ticks).
  2. The second row ticks every 4 sixteenth-notes and represents quarter-notes (4 beats).
  3. The third row ticks every 4 beats and represents a bar or measure (4 bars).
  4. The fourth row ticks every 4 bars (4 phrases).


  • BeatViz requires Java.
  • To run BeatViz, double-click the BeatViz.jar file or use java -jar BeatViz.jar in a terminal. The program will open up the visualizer in the lower right-hand corner of the primary screen.
  • The program is hard-coded to listen to UDP messages on port 9228. BeatViz will read in messages as strings then parse the string as a long integer and use that number as the current tick. While the program was built for the author's use with the Csound Live Code system, it may be used by any program that can send UDP messages.
  • To close the program, triple-click the beat grid visualizer.
  • To move the visualizer location, click on the visualizer once to focus input on it, then use the arrow keys on a keyboard to move the visualizer up, down, left, or right by 10 pixels.
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