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Blue - An Integrated Music Environment

copyright (c) 2001-2010 Steven Yi - All Rights Reserved


This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and is licensed under the GNU
Public License.  This is a free program and you are welcome to redistrbute it
under certain conditions. Please see the accompanying license.txt file for more

The text file changeLog lists the history of changes for blue and all
accompanying programs.

[ s o m e   w o r d s ]

This program is my program for composition, and has been a joy to both create
and work with. It is free and licensed under the GNU Public License. I hope you
find it useful in your work with sound.

Thanks to Michael Gogins who first suggested to me to learn java, as it was when
I started learning Java that I conceived of blue, and knowing the discipline of
programming has helped me to explore so many things.

Many thanks to all of the users who have been so gracious as to send me feedback,
suggestions, bugs, and feature requests, as it's all helped blue grow over time.

[ w h e r e   t o   s t a r t ]

If this is your first time using blue, you might want to check out the manual,
which is available within the program from Help menu (the "Blue Manual" menu
option).  The blue-users mailing list, accessible from, is also a great place to ask questions.

Example .blue project files are provided in the examples folder, located in the
directory where blue is installed. (Note for OSX, if you are using the blue
application, you can find the example folder within the by
right-clicking the application and exploring the contents.)

If you ever have any problems or discussions, please feel free to mail the
mailing list or email me anytime!

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