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Release Notes for 2.6.0

Released: 2016.07.29


  • AudioLayers: Initial release. New LayerGroup type for working with AudioFiles
    strictly by GUI. Each Audio Layer is bound to a mixer channel. Use is modeled
    after common DAW idioms for working with audio clips.
  • Added link to Csound FLOSS Manual from Help Menu
  • Added seed value and useSeed to RandomAddProcessor and RandomMultiplyProcessor
    [issue #302]
  • Issue #313 - added Test button to PianoRoll
  • Issue #279 - added "Render to Disk and Open" action; will use command
    configured in program options for disk render to open the rendered file after
    rendering (e.g., render and open with Audacity)
  • BlueSynthBuilder: added new BSBValue object that has a default value and may
    be automated; the widget only appears during edit mode and is hidden during
    performance mode


  • Sound - modified to use BlueSynthBuilder object as backing instrument. Extends
    single-use instrument idea of previous Sound object to work with an interface
    modifiable in realtime, similar to Kyma-style objects.
  • Added "Paste BSB as Sound" action to score timeline popup menu to paste a BSB
    Object from the copy buffer into the Score as a Sound soundObject
  • BlueSynthBuilder - Replaced Knob with new style implemented with JavaFX
  • Moved to using Java 8. NOTE: Java 8 JDK or JRE is now required for running
  • restored loading of all URLs to external browser now that Netbeans 7.4 IDE
    cluster removed dependency on debugger module
  • Made using trackpad or scroll wheel on layer panels (left-hand side) scroll
    both the layer panels and the main content areas (implemented in main Score
    editor, PatternsObject editor)
  • Modified URL that is opened for "Report a Bug" and "Request a Feature" links
    from the Help menu to go to the issue tracker at GitHub
  • Mixer:
    • Reworked layout of channel panels to be more compact
    • Double-click to edit ChannelList names as well as Channel names (for those
      channels and lists that support it)
    • Updated mixer generation code to use "+=" and "*=" for easier to read
      output and better performance when running Csound multicore
  • Changed "Tools->.csoundrc Editor" to "Tools->.csound6rc Editor", to edit
    .csound6rc instead of older .csoundrc
  • Added /usr/local/lib and /usr/lib to java.library.path for Linux [issue #304]
  • Issue #287 - added name of effect in generated CSD as part of generated UDO
    for effect
  • Added MenuScroller for Automation menus (MenuScroller by Daryll Burke:


  • Redid font/theme handling so that --fontsize flag is respected (can be given
    at commandline or put into blue/etc/blue.conf)
  • Fixed issue where after adding a new layer to a LayerGroup, if multiple empty
    layers existed, the new layer would not function properly to show score object
  • Prevent resizing of Score Objects from left-hand side to have 0 duration when
    snap is enabled
  • Issue #250 - setting minimum and maximum for BSB Knobs did not update the knob
    view location when using truncate option
  • Audited score timeline actions for undoability
  • Issue #258 - fixed "Follow the Leader" ScoreObject action
  • Issue #280 - Print out command line used to Output window when rendering to
  • Rendering to disk with commandline runner would freeze up until process
    completed when render job canceled, instead of stopping render job
  • Issue #249 - Fixed editing of last automation and tempo point in popup "Edit
    Points" dialog
  • Issue #259 - Fixed forwarding of key events from Effects dialogs to main
    window, so users can now us shortcuts for rendering and other menu shortcuts
    while editing effects
  • Issue #270 - User Instrument Library and Arrangement Panel should share the
    same copy buffer for copying/pasting instruments between the two panels
  • Issue #285 - Generating Realtime CSD to Screen did not correctly set if API
    version of CSD should be generated or not
  • Issue #273 - Dragging instrument from library to project should copy, not move
  • Issue #306 - Fixed BSB interface not updating after setting values from preset
  • Automations - adjusted menu to show "More..." sub-menus when there are more
    automations available than can fit on the screen
  • When generating instruments that use <INSTR_ID> or <INSTR_NAME>, fixed that
    generated always-on instruments use the ID/name of the original instrument
    rather than the generated one
  • Redid BlueLive trigger mechanism to use sample-accurate, synchronous
    processing of time for repeats to remove jitter
  • Windows: Fixed trackpad scrolling
  • Fixed BSB parameter var name generation when project has >= 1000 params
  • Issue #267 - reset BSB Object property sheet when setting automation enabled
    is cancelled
  • Issue #255 - fixed Automatable BSB objects that did not update parameters
    correctly when objectName was changed
  • Issue #251 - fixed issue where copy/pasted BSBFileSelector would not update
    correctly within Csound even though UI was updating


  • Changed Blue plugin registration to use Annotations (@SoundObjectPlugin,
    @InstrumentPlugin, @NoteProcessorPlugin)
  • Refactored all ScoreTimeline actions into separate Action classes; shortcut
    registration now done declaratively