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Release Notes for 2.6.1

Released: 2016.08.30


  • Issue #292: added open file handling for Windows and Linux. (Was unable to get
    it working with OSX unfortunately.) On Windows and Linux, users can
    right-click on a .blue document and configure Blue to open the file. Once the
    association is made, users can double-click .blue files to open them in Blue.

  • Issue #55: Resize Soundobjects from left-side to adjust start and duration.
    (This was implemented in 2.6.0 as part of Score internal redesign work but the
    issue was not seen until after release.)

  • ProjectPlugins - new plugin system for Project-level editors that can save
    data with Blue project and can participate in the project lifecycle.

  • Clojure Project Plugin - project-level plugin that adds a new Clojure tab to
    the Project Properties editor and allows setting Clojure library dependencies.
    Uses Chas Emerick's Pomegranate plugin to download direct and transitive
    dependencies from Clojars or Maven Central. Useful for using libraries within
    Blue projects. Libraries are set using coordinates and version strings, much
    as one would with Leiningen-based projects. For example, one may use:

    kunstmusik/score 0.3.0

    to use my Score library for generating and processing note lists.

  • Issue #148 - Clojure REPL - new Clojure REPL window tied into the synthesized
    namespace created for each project. User can test and diagnose code that has
    been entered into the namespace (e.g., if a function is defined in a
    ClojureObject, one can test it from the REPL)

  • Issue #309: Added 'alsaseq' driver to list of options in Blue's Realtime
    Render Settings and added input/output discovery code.

  • Added Steven Yi's "Transit" to the examples/pieces/stevenYi folder

  • Issue #331 - Added Cut and Copy actions to popup for PianoRoll when
    right-clicking selected notes; added Paste menu when right-clicking on
    canvas and notes exist in the copy buffer

  • Issue #272 - Added a confirmation dialog when deleting UserInstrumentLibrary


  • Updated included Clojure version to 1.8.0
  • Issue #149 - implemented cut/copy/paste for PianoRoll for multiple notes, as
    well as shared copy buffer to allow pasting copy/pasting between PianoRolls
  • Issue #322 - pressing ctrl when moving mouse points will limit point
    modification only to the initial direction for line edit panels (i.e,
    automations, tempo, etc.).
  • Automation Parameters - Single-Line Mode Editing Updates
    • When the selection marquee is shown, holding down ctrl when press/dragging
      will allow modifying just the horizontal locations of the points
    • When marquee is selected, left-clicking outside the marquee will disable the
      marquee as before, but will not also add an additional point
    • fixed issue when right-clicking a point to delete it that the popup menu
      would also appear


  • Adding new AudioLayerGroups did not properly handle change listening,
    resulting in NullPointerExceptions when trying to automate parameters on new
    AudioLayers added to a project. (This problem only occurred when the
    AudioLayerGroup and AudioLayer was first added and did not present when
    loading an existing project or switching to another project and back again.)
  • Issue #332 - "All" file filter did not properly allow all files
  • Issue #324 - (Potentially) fixed intermittent look and feel issue where
    sometimes tabs were not styled correctly
  • Issue #248 - partial fix to respect Automations when auditioning SoundObjects.
    Auditioning is guaranteed only to work correctly with top-level SoundObjects.
    (Issue #333 filed to continue looking into this once Blue 3.0 internal changes
    are in place.)