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Notes for 2.7.0

[release 2017.09.22]


  • BlueSynthBuilder:

    • GUI editor (shared by ObjectBuilder and Sound SoundObject) rewritten using
      JavaFX UI toolkit
    • Issue #344 - Ability to hide/show value display added to Knob, Sliders, and
    • Issue #312 - Added Group widget that allows grouping of widgets into a
      panel that has a titled border around it for better organization of UI
    • Issue #360 - Visual resizing of widgets implemented with UI Editor using
      resize handles
  • RhinoInstrument and RhinoObject were renamed as JavaScriptInstrument and

  • JavaScriptObject now supports "Process on Load" option

  • Issue #348 - Implemented Automation tab for Sound soundObject (allows
    automating any widget within SoundObject interface; automation is edited
    within Sound's editor window and scales to the duration of the Sound); also
    added Comments fields for Sound and ObjectBuilder objects

  • Issue #342 - Program-wide User SoundObject Library

    • Implemented new Program-wide User SoundObject Library. Library is available
      as part of the SoundObjectLibrary window. User can use popup menu to copy
      and paste SoundObjects into folders and add/remove folders.
  • Issue #343 - User-defined Opcodes:

    • Export: User can now select single UDO from project UDO list and choose
      export to either Blue UDO file (an XML representation of the UDO with
      .blueUDO extension) or Csound UDO file (standard Csound UDO code in a file
      with .udo extension)

    • Import: Removed older network-based Import system and added file-based UDO
      import from either Blue UDO (.blueUDO) files or Csound files (.udo, .csd,
      .orc). For Csound files, Blue will import all found UDOs within the file.

  • Issue #354 - Added "Refresh Folder" popup menu option to refresh Blue File
    Manager folder node

  • Issue #355 - Added default layer heights to Program Options->Project Defaults;
    added default layer height as property for AudioLayerGroups

  • Issue #357 - Added maintenance of dialog size/location when Generating CSD to

  • examples/techniques/pvoc2.blue added that shows similar concept as pvoc.blue
    but uses Sound soundObject and its new automation tab

  • Issue #358 - SoundObjects can now be shared on BlueShare


  • Mixer:

    • Issue #256 - Pushing up or down effects should keep the same effect selected

    • Issue #257 - Select effect when right-clicking pre or post effects so that
      popup menu reflects operation on where clicked

  • Renamed RhinoObject and RhinoInstrument to JavaScriptObject and
    JavaScriptInstrument to better reflect their purpose

  • JavaScriptObject: for errors/exceptions, now shows error in dialog when
    rendering project

  • BSB widgets and Automation parameters that used resolution argument (i.e.,
    sliders) now use BigDecimal for more precise value generation and faster
    calculation when automated

  • Issue #349 - Revisited score text parsing to speed up; affects parsing of
    things like GenericScore text, output from Externals (e.g., CMask scripts,
    AthenaCL code)

  • Issue #350 - Added value display enabled property to BSBXYController


  • BlueSynthBuilder/ObjectBuilder/Effects - Fixed code completion for BSBWidgets

  • Mixer - using "Edit Effect" to edit the definition of an effect within the
    mixer would cause an exception after closing the editor

  • Reworked visual rendering and setting of BSB widget values when resolution
    property used

  • BlueLive - fixed problem where BlueLive would send n copies of each note where
    n = number of times BlueLive was started/stopped (problem due to not clearing
    bindings between runs)

  • JMask - Probability: Beta editor was not showing when Beta generator selected

  • Issue #352 - MIDI import was not updated correctly newer ScoreLayer system,
    also, velocity was not processed correctly yielding only zeros

  • Issue #337 - Fixed Mixer generation when no instruments found in Orchestra;
    condition appears when using only Sound SoundObjects in project

  • Unfreezing Frozen SoundObjects caused stack overflow due to typo in code,
    resulting in effect of disappearing SoundObject

  • "Custom" popup menu option that shows code repository options did not function

  • Fixed Code Repository Dialog to ensure it is in sync with repository changes.
    Also fixed drag/drop when editing repository within dialog.

  • Issue #345 - Parsing output from nGen revealed issue with parsing score
    statements that were not i- or comments (notes would repeat)

  • Automation menu for selecting which parameter to automated did not always size
    width correctly


  • Replaced use of Cloneable and Serializable with copy constructors and new
    DeepCopyable interface for all project data models

  • Replaced all uses of float with double