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Notes for 2.7.2

[release 2017.10.16]


  • BlueSynthBuilder:

    • Knob - added Label, Label Font, and Label Enabled property. Label text is
      centered above knob in UI. Default is label to be shown, but older projects
      will load without label shown for backwards compatibility.

    • Ctrl-v keyboard shortcut will now paste copies of the last copied widgets
      at an offset from the originals.

  • Issue #372 - Added note to documentation about Debian/Ubuntu Linux install
    instructions for JavaFX

  • ObjectBuilder - Added JavaScript and Clojure language options; modified editor
    to use Combo Box to choose language(replaces "External" checkbox)


  • BlueSynthBuilder: Program now always rescales values when updating min/max
    properties for UI elements (e.g., Knob, Slider). (Removes need for popup
    dialog for every time user modifies min/max.)


  • Issue #368 - When double-clicking PolyObject in project SoundObject Library,
    Score editor now shows timeline of PolyObject and updates navigation bar

  • Mixer: Right-clicking on subchannels to remove made easier by allowing
    clicking on labels

  • Code Editor: fixed errors and exceptions when choosing an auto-completion for
    opcode or BSBWidget name

  • Orchestra Manager - right-click popup menu for Project did not work unless one
    instrument was added (would not allow right-clicking to paste instrument)


  • Support for Csound 5 API removed