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Notes for 2.7.3

[release 2017.12.15]


  • BlueLive

    • added new "Live Code" tab for live coding (ctrl-e evaluates selected code)

    • added definition of BLUE_LIVE orchestra and score macros that user can check
      with #ifdef to conditionally use code when rendering with Blue Live


  • CSD Import: import CSDs that do not have CsInstruments or CsScore sections

  • Issue #375 - Made Auditioning work with AudioClips on AudioLayers


  • Auditioning Frozen SoundObjects incorrectly calculated start/end times when
    considering object for rendering, resulting in object not playing

  • BlueSynthBuilder:

    • On OSX, opening dropdown item editor was causing app freeze

    • Improved Interface loading times to prevent hanging when switching items

  • UDO - After importing UDOs, table of UDOs did not get refreshed with new ones

  • Issue #376 - Fixed Automation Line switcher not showing for AudioLayers