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Notes for 2.7.4

[release 2019.07.19]


  • Issue #398: Updated Line Editors within program to use thicker lines and
    circles for points

  • Issue #397: Using control to shift points within selection in Single-Line mode
    should only shift points for currently selected line

  • Automation: Single-line mode: Ctrl-drag to move selected points up/down was
    rewritten to add points at boundaries if necessary, also updated to only
    operate on the currently selected line

  • Issue #406: JMask: throw error when user attempts to use Constant p2 field
    with value < 0.0 (prevents infinite loop)

  • Issue #417: Use Csound ORC highlighting for "Generate CSD to Screen" and
    "Generate Realtime CSD to Screen"

  • Issue #431: implemented shortcut 1, 2, and 3 to switch between Score,
    Single Line, and Multi-Line modes on the Score timeline

  • Multiline Mode: Selection will default to only line data. Hold shift when
    releasing mouse button during selection to include ScoreObjects for movment.

  • Updated to Netbeans 11 Rich Client Platform

  • Issue #441: For automation lines, clean up dead time points (those with same
    time values as points surrounding them) for different line operations (e.g.,
    dragging points, pasting, dragging)


  • BlueSynthBuilder

    • Horizontal and Vertical Slider Banks did not properly reconnect properties
      from child sliders and slider bank when loading Blue projects from disk
      • SliderBanks did not properly listen to individual slider value changes to
        update automation parameters and channel values
    • BSBDropdown
      • Issue #383 - Fix problems due to empty string being reloaded from file as
        null (compilation, editing item)
      • Fix JavaFX thread exception thrown when item editor dialog was closed
        using [x] close button that is part of the window frame
  • Fixed

    • Generated .desktop file now uses "AudioVideo;Audio" category and script
    • Script now uses desktop-file-install program to install the .desktop file
      instead of copying blue.desktop to ~/Desktop location (which did not work
      on non-English systems)
  • Issue #386 - NullPointerException thrown from SubChannelDropdownList

  • Fix ctrl/cmd-wheel-scroll shortcut for adjust layer heights

  • Fix "All File" filter to show files that do not have extensions

  • Issue #390 - Removed optimization in mixer code generation that removed signal
    paths that were considered dead when channel had -96 dB and no automations

  • Fix resizing of marquee when zooming (single-line and multi-line score modes)

  • AudioLayers: Fixed generation of notes on Windows to use / instead of \

  • Issue #406: Fixed movement of timeline when dragging selected objects

  • Fix resizing of timeline on movement or resizing of Score Objects, whether by
    mouse or by ScoreObject Properties window

  • Issue #401: Fix setting of default/last directory/file path for open/save
    file dialogs

  • Issue #395: Fix initial showing of popup menu when number of items triggers
    scroller buttons to show

  • Issue #411: Fixed issue with having Single-Line mode selected and changing
    projects causing bad state where score mouse handling no longer functioned

  • Issue #412: Update marquee and selected ScoreObjects around newly pasted data
    in each Score Mode

  • Issue #419: Fixed URL to use HTTPS to match server changes for BlueShare

  • Issue #423: Fixed automation for Single Line mode with Audio Layers

  • Score: Fix dragging of line points in single-line mode when snap is enabled to
    prevent snapping beyond previous and next points

  • Mixer: Sends were not changing values at runtime nor generating correct signal
    multiplier amounts

  • Issue #439: When pasting a BSB instrument as a Sound SoundObject, fixed
    transfer of comments to Sound as well as inadvertent resetting of widget

  • Issue #443: Fix location of popup for UDO manager when selected item is
    scrolled off screen

  • Issue #416: Fixed incorrect insertion/sorting of Channel Strips into Mixer
    panel when new instrument was added to the Orchestra arrangement. Also fixed
    incorrect listener updates when enabling/disabling automation parameters for a
    layer or when automation source is removed (i.e., effect removed from mixer).

  • Issue #445: Fixed issue where vertical dragging of points in Single-Line mode
    was selecting/inserting the wrong points when points existed at selection