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@kunstmusik kunstmusik released this 30 Dec 03:12
· 207 commits to develop since this release

Notes for 2.8.1 - 2020-12-29


  • Added "Open Example Project" menu option to File menu to make opening the
    examples easier

  • Added new Time Behavior "Repeat" implementation and renamed older algorithm as
    "Repeat (Classic)" for backwards compatibility. New implementation will repeat
    notes up to repeat point and truncate any notes that overlap boundary.

  • "Media Folder" property added to Project Properties: used for certain
    operations to copy files into the media folder which should be a child of the
    project root folder (or the root if the property is left empty).

  • BSB File Widget: Added "Copy to Media Folder" shortcut in popup menu that will
    copy the selected file to the media folder and update the value to use the
    version found in the media folder.

  • Implemented Copy audio files to media folder on import option in Project
    Properties which will be performed when importing audio into Audio Layers
    (via drag and drop), drag and drop onto soundObject layers, or changing audio
    file in AudioFile soundObject editor

  • The Blue Manual is now managed as a separate github project and published
    online at Documentation help menu
    now opens the online site.

  • Issue #497: Implemented comment fields for BSB widgets that appear as tooltips
    when in usage mode. Added "Show Widget Comments" menu option to View menu to
    turn on and off showing of the comments in tooltips.

  • PianoRoll:

    • implemented rendering of notes in object view on timeline

    • New user-defined fields for PianoRoll and and field editor for notes; fields
      allow adding additional pfield values for notes that are graphically edited
      (similarly to how Velocity is handled in many MIDI-based DAW PianoRolls).
      User can customize how many fields and kinds of fields to use for PianoRoll.

    • Introduced dark area in background to show repeat point or scaled time area
      for notes

    • added keyboard shortcuts for undo (ctrl-z), redo (ctrl-shift-z), toggle snap
      (alt-s), and select all notes (ctrl-a)

  • Issue #520: Render waveform for Frozen SoundObject freeze file

  • Issue #480: Option added for Score to follow current playback time when
    rendering project


  • Issue #396: Updated how selected score objects are rendered; rather than all
    white, now uses white border, lighter derived background colors, and shows a
    bar at top behind object label

  • Issue #514: redid comments component for instrument editor and SSO to use
    Netbeans editor component to enable code repository option

  • Issue #392: made copy buffer shared between all BSB interface editors

  • PianoRoll: note templates for notes are now set to use the PianoRoll's note
    template by default but permit overriding on a note-by-note basis; backwards
    compatible with prior note template system but more convenient given the new
    Field system.

  • Restored using Rhino JS interpreter as Nashorn was removed from Java 15

  • Issue #532: Made zoom in/out buttons use a timer to repeatedly zoom when
    button is down and stop zooming when mouse is up (Score Timeline, PianoRoll)

  • Issue #524: Implemented checkbox editor for NoteProcessor properties that are

  • PianoRoll and Tracker: Time Behavior set to Repeat by default

  • Tracker: "Steps per beat" property added to control start/duration generation;
    useful in conjunction with repeat behavior

  • Issue #539: UX improvement to select newly added instrument in Orchestra

  • Default SoundObject duration changed to 4 beats from 2

  • Jython interpreter updated to 2.7.2


  • BSB: PresetManager dialog had bugs when dragging and dropping nodes around

  • Clojure: Dependency resolution for clojars-hosted libraries was broken due to
    using older http url; fixed by updating to

  • Audio Layers: Audio Clips were not generating use project-relative paths when
    audio files were children of project root folder

  • Issue #523: Comments tab for instruments did not scroll correctly

  • Issue #527: Fixed performance issue with drawing of PianoRoll canvas on Linux
    due to GradientPaint

  • Issue #545: Hide global tempo editor when editing PolyObject timeline