Utility to help you recompile and reload changed code.
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Stay in Sync

What is it?

Sync is an Erlang utility that helps you code faster by automatically compiling and hot-loading changed code.

How can I use sync?

The recommended approach is to put sync in your $ERL_LIBS directory.

git clone git@github.com:rustyio/sync.git
(cd sync; make)

Then, go in the Erlang console of an application you are developing, run sync:go().. You can also start sync using application:start(sync).

How does it work?

Upon startup, Sync gathers information about loaded modules, ebin directories, source files, compilation options, etc.

Sync then periodically checks the last modified date of source files. If a file has changed since the last scan, then Sync automatically recompiles the module using the previous set of compilation options. If compilation was successful, it loads the updated module. Otherwise, it prints compilation errors to the console.

Sync also periodically checks the last modified date of any beam files, and automatically reloads the file if it has changed.

The scanning process adds 1% to 2% CPU load on a running Erlang VM. Much care has been taken to keep this low. Shouldn't have to say this, but this is for development mode only, don't run it in production.

Using it with Nitrogen

If you are running sync with the Nitrogen Web Framework, be sure to add the following line to your etc/vm.args file:

-sync sync_mode nitrogen

Growl Notifications

If you are running a Mac and have Growl and the growlnotify utility installed, Sync will pop up Growl notifications with compilation results. This will also work on Linux if you have notify-send (Fedora: libnotify package, Ubuntu: libnotify-bin package):

Successful compilation:

Successful compilation image.


Compilation warnings image.


Compilation errors image.