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Detect singles on 2D dimension space
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Single Detect with C#

Detect singles and K-nearest neighbors in 2D dimension space

  • Console code examples for K-nearest neighbors (knn) and singles
  • Gui code examples for knn and singles (WPF with animation and mouse interaction, i.e. dynamic data)
  • Algorithm strategy option between Grid, Naive and KdTree
  • Option to apply knn on same type points only
  • Euclidean distance is used

Single detection

About Single detection? Read this blog.

Single Detect

The red colors are the identified singles.

K-nearest neighbor

About K-nearest neighbor? Read this blog.

K Nearest Neighbor

The origin in the center is the red color.
You can move the mouse pointer around and the neighbors will be updated.
The pink colors are the nearest neighbors and are slightly larger in size.

K Nearest Neighbor

Nearest neighbors by same type only. The origin is the red and the same type are all the purple colors.
The identified nearest neighbors are the purple colors slightly larger in size
(Only supported in Naive and Grid strategy algorithm).

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