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some tweaks that improves minecraft user experience.
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ServerTweaks --- Powered by LogoCat


This plugin is developed only for to : 1. add features. 1. improve plugins UX. 2. resolve plugins conflicting issue.

Tweaked plugin list and its corresponding improvements listed below.

Added features:

  1. AutoRestarting : Restart the server at XX:XX, with 60,5,4,3,2,1(sec) count-downs.
  2. Exp point tweaks : And using Totem item to prevent losing exp in high level status.
  3. Adding Player's Group prefix into tablist, which only works with SortedTabList to create a group-playername sorted tablist.
  4. Using middle click to show item directly in inventory with certain string(such as [+]) in chest-name, which is considered as a quick help for novices.
  5. Prevent players using minecraft exploitation of rails to get infinite wool blanket and different types of rails.
  6. Prevent MobSpawner to have illegal type such as pig. Every illegal type of MobSpawner would be reset as zombie spawner when get placed or try to spawn mobs.
  7. If player's inventory is too full, the excessive item would be dropped under player's feet. [Command : safegive playername ID:data number]
  8. Exp Shop : using exp to summon entity, items. [servertweaks spawn VILLAGER %player_name% 30000]
  9. ItemRemover based on given lores.
  10. IllegalEnchantmentRemover : remove exclusive enchantment on chestplate.
  11. DropEdit : fixing problem when players click on Horse/Donkey/Llama's inventory and could get the last UI interface item as duplicated items.

UX improvement:

  1. ItemBox : Prevent players to send item to invalid player-name or typo of that. The original plugin requires case-sensitive player-name, which is unreasonably demanding for players.
  2. ChatControlPro : Add feature that could automatically switch channel between [PUBLIC/TRADING/REGION] by adding chat prefix [!/$/~]. For example, (! Hello world) would be send to channel:PUBLIC.
  3. (removed) SmartViewDistance : Add a teleporting to spawn and teleporting back workaround to resolve the issue of players not able to see each other after logining to server.
  4. ProdigyGadget DIAMOND : adding specific lore for LoreRemover to check the duplicated gadget items.
  5. Warp GUI : add "visit_add LORE_1", "visit_del NUMBER_LORE" to add, remove warp with player name.

Confliction tweaks

  1. ChestCleaner - PotionStacker : ChestCleaner would expand the stacked potion and overwrite player's inventory in chests. Now it would re-dropped under player's feet.
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