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A plugin that checks multiple items' NBT data and perform multiple commands afterwards.
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NBTChecker --- Powered by LogoCat


NBT Checker API - Check Item NBT and perform commands

  • Check Item NBTs and perform commands!

Usage :

/nbtchecker MAP:decoration:filled_map.mansion:1/EMERALD:::1/COMPASS:::1@spawn/dxl play world_mansion/me let's play!

Search player's inventory for

  1. number 1 of material MAP in NBT component decoration with value filled_map.mansion
  2. number 1 of material EMRALD without NBT component and value
  3. number 1 of material COMPASS without NBT component and value

if all of the conditions are met, perform command

  1. /spawn
  2. /dxl play world_mansion
  3. /me let's play!

Now those inventory based GUIs could execute this combined command to check more details about multiple items at once and perform more commands.

nbtdebug all, nbtdebug Print the NBT data in hand (/nbtdebug), or all items (/nbtdebug all) in inventory to console.

Permission node :

  1. nbtchecker.check: player with his node could execute check command parser.

  2. nbtchecker.debug: player with his node could execute check command parser.

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