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HSLuv implementation in pure Elm

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Convert between HSLuv and RGB.

HSLuv references:

The Color type is provided by the new color package from avh4.

Note: If you plan to manipulate HSLuv colors, store them with the provided HSLuv type and convert them to Color at the last possible time as the conversion can be expensive. If you just use HSLuv as constructor, you may write an helper like: color h s l = HSLuv.hsluv360 { hue = h, saturation = s, lightness = l, alpha = 1} |> HSLuv.toColor

Basic Usage

-- create an HSLuv color with a Color
c = HSLuv.color myColor

-- create an HSLuv color with components
c = HSLuv.hsluv360 { hue = 150, saturation = 100, lightness = 50, alpha = 1 }

-- turn a color into normalized components
{ red, green, saturation, lightness } = HSLuv.rgba c

-- turn and HSLuv color into a Color
color = HSLuv.toColor c


  • Latest version is targeted at elm 0.19.
  • Version 1.0.1 is the last version compatible with elm 0.18.