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Kuona Project Logo


Kuona is the Shona word that means "To see". This project is about providing valuable actionable insight into software delivery.

The Kuona-project is about deepening our understanding of how we can deliver value through software so that we can be more effective.

Kuona is a data collection and visualization tool for software development. Check out for background on the project.

Currently there are no packages for download but there is a hosted example for some public open source projects at

Who is Kuona for?

Kuona for development teams

Development teams often have various systems that support how they deliver software:

  • Story task management
  • Version Control
  • CI/CD build deploy systems
  • Environment support

Each of these systems are information silos. Linkages between systems are typically by convention. e.g. Story numbers in commit messages, Build numbers injected into built artifacts. Tracabilty is often difficult.

Kuona is predicated on the idea that collecting and linking data from these disparate systems teams gain greater insight into the development process and can use this knowledge to improve.

The planned dashboard features will allow development teams to create dashboards based on the areas they are tracking or looking to improve.

Kuona for the enterprise

'How many versions of library X are currently used?' is often a asked. This might be because of security vulnerabilities or it might be that the organization is trying to upgrade the estate to a newer version. In most cases this is not a trivial question to answer when there are hundreds or thousands of components.

By gathering repository and dependency data this question is more easily answered along with others.

Design - How it works

Kuona uses collectors: command line tools and daemons to collect data from software development systems like Git, Jenkins as well as data from environments.

These Collectors post data through the kuona-api RESTful interface into an Elasticsearch backing store. Elasticsearch is particularly adept at handling both documents and time-series data. Each data type is given its own index.

/dashboard contains a AngularJS web application. We are currently using GitHub repositories as sample data for collection and analysis. provide search and snapshot views of these projects.

How you can help

  • Provide feedback and bug reports by trying Kuona a try in your environment
  • Join the development Google Group, ask questions and offer suggestions for features.

Getting started

Software projects should be easy to join. Ideally getting up and running as a developer should be very simple and quick. Long winded manual installations are error prone and a waste of everyone's time. If you find problems with the developer setup please raise an issue so we can address it.

Currently the installation scripts have only been tested on OS X/macOS and rely on homebrew.


Kuona runs on the Java VM. You will need to install Java 8 JDK to build and run the kuona tools.

Check out the Brewfile for a full list of dependencies.

OS X/macOS Setup

git clone
cd kuona-project
sh dev-setup

Once everything is setup use the build script to build all the components:


Sometimes elasticsearch may not have started. If you have used brew to install the dependencies then use:

brew services elasticsearch restart

to get things rolling.

Code Navigation

The Dashboard is in two parts.

  • AngularJS web application kuona-project/dashboard
  • Web Service kuona-project/kuona-api

The API and other components depend on kuona-project/kuona-core which delivers most of the functionality. The API and collector command line tools are designed to be simple wrappers of the core capacities.

The public dashboard demonstrates the latest capabilities by reading public source code repositories and other systems.

Most components are written in Clojure but there are some small Java libraries that are built using maven.

Each collector has its own directory in /collectors


Kuona is licensed under the Apache License 2.0


Kuona - build and release build dashboard system




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