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Simpl : Synthesizer for imperative language

Simpl is a program synthesizer which aims to synthesize imperative programs from examples. Simpl is the first synthesizer that adopts semantic-based static analysis to efficiently generate the programs. This is co-work with Prof.Hakjoo Oh in Korea University (


  • This work was published at SAS (Static Analysis Symposium) 2017. For details, please refer to our paper: Synthesizing Imperative Programs from Examples Guided by Static Analysis
  • See the sas2017-snapshot branch for the implementation of the SAS 2017 version.
  • Further improvements (including bug fixes) will be continually updated in master branch.

How to build

After you clone this project, type chmod +x build, and then type ./build.

  • Clone this project.
  • Activate the build script: chmod +x build.
  • Then, you can complie the whole files: ./build.

How to use

To use Simpl, you need to provide:

  • A partial program with holes
  • Input-output examples
  • Resources that will be used to complete the partial program

Then, Simpl will output the complete program whose behaviour matches all the given input-output examples by filling in the holes of the partial program. For example, type ./main.native -input benchmarks/no1_factorial to produce the complete factorial function.


If you have any questions, please email to: