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# Bicycle Crunch
# Node.js based asset packager with support for Coffeescript & Compass
# Mit License
# (c)2011 Thomas Klokosch <>
# Heavily inspired by
# Install dependencies:
# npm -g install coffee-script uglify-js clean-css
fs = require 'fs'
path = require 'path'
{spawn, exec} = require 'child_process'
CoffeeScript = require 'coffee-script'
{parser, uglify} = require 'uglify-js'
cleanCSS = require 'clean-css'
less = require 'less'
async = require 'async'
wrench = require 'wrench'
# Javascript sources
# Example configuration for two JS packages,
# first one a bundle of several jQuery plugins
# the second one a coffescript file
# Coffeescript and JS files can also be mixed in the package
libraries = [
# 'src/ui/'
javascripts = []
path: 'dist/transit.js'
files: libraries
minify: true
path: 'lib/transit.js'
files: libraries
minify: false
path: 'gh-pages/javascripts/transit.js'
files: libraries
minify: false
path: 'dist/themes/bootstrap.js'
files: ['src/themes/']
minify: true
path: 'lib/themes/bootstrap.js'
files: ['src/themes/']
minify: true
path: 'gh-pages/javascripts/transit-bootstrap.js'
files: ['src/themes/']
minify: true
task 'test', 'Run mocha suite', ->
runner = "./node_modules/mocha-phantomjs/lib/"
exec "phantomjs #{runner} spec.html", (err, stdout, stderr)->
process.stderr.write stderr.toString()
print stdout.toString()
test = ->
tester = (file) ->
(callback) ->
mocha = spawn 'mocha', [
'-u', 'bdd', '-R', 'spec', '-t', '20000',
'--require', 'underscore',
'--require', 'backbone',
'--require', 'spec/support/helper.js',
'--require', 'support/backbone-marionette',
'--require', 'lib/transit.js',
'--colors', "spec/#{file}",
mocha.stdout.pipe process.stdout, end: false
mocha.stderr.pipe process.stderr, end: false
mocha.on 'exit', (code) -> callback?(code,code)
testFiles = ['support/runner.js']
testers = (tester file for file in testFiles)
async.series testers, (err, results) ->
passed = results.every (code) -> code is 0
process.exit if passed then 0 else 1
# Build JS
task 'build', 'Build JS from source', build = (cb) ->
file_name = null
file_contents = null
files = wrench.readdirSyncRecursive('src/extras/')
for extra in files
file_name = path.join('src', 'extras', extra)
file_contents = CoffeeScript.compile "#{fs.readFileSync(file_name)}"
fname = path.basename(file_name).replace(/\.coffee$/,'.js')
write_js "dist/extras/#{fname}", file_contents
write_js "gh-pages/javascripts/extras/#{fname}", file_contents
catch e
print_error e, file_name, file_contents
getdata = (files)->
code = ""
for source in files
file_contents = "#{fs.readFileSync source}"
file_name = source
if (/[^.]+$/.exec(source))[0] == 'coffee'
code += CoffeeScript.compile file_contents
else code += file_contents
for package in javascripts
code = getdata(package.files)
write_js( package.path, code )
mini = package.path.replace(/\.js$/,'.min.js')
if package.minify is true
write_js mini, do ()->
uglify.gen_code uglify.ast_squeeze uglify.ast_mangle parser.parse code
cb() if typeof cb is 'function'
catch e
print_error e, file_name, file_contents
# Watch task
task 'watch', 'Watch source files and build JS & CSS', ->
console.log "Watching for changes..."
# Watch for changes in Javascript files
for package in javascripts
for file in package.files
((file) ->
fs.watchFile file, { interval: 100}, (curr, prev) ->
if +curr.mtime isnt +prev.mtime
console.log "Saw change in #{file}"
invoke 'build'
for file in wrench.readdirSyncRecursive('src/extras/')
file = path.join('src', 'extras', file)
fs.watchFile file, { interval: 100 }, (curr, prev) ->
if +curr.mtime isnt +prev.mtime
invoke "build"
# Write javascript with a header
write_js = (filename, body) ->
fs.writeFileSync filename, """
console.log "Wrote #{filename}"
get_libs = (dir, callback)->
files = []
wrench.readdirSyncRecursive dir, (path)->
unless path is null
fs.stat path, (err, stat)->
if stat and !stat.isDirectory()
Array::unique = ->
output = {}
output[@[key]] = @[key] for key in [0...@length]
value for key, value of output
# Gather a list of unique source files.
javascript_sources = ->
all_sources = []
for javascript, sources of javascripts
for source in sources
all_sources.push source
# Print error message
print_error = (error, file_name, file_contents) ->
line = error.message.match /line ([0-9]+):/
if line && line[1] && line = parseInt(line[1])
contents_lines = file_contents.split "\n"
first = if line-4 < 0 then 0 else line-4
last = if line+3 > contents_lines.size then contents_lines.size else line+3
console.log "Error compiling #{file_name}. \"#{error.message}\"\n"
index = 0
for line in contents_lines[first...last]
line_number = first + 1 + index
console.log "#{(' ' for [0..(3-(line_number.toString().length))]).join('')} #{line}"
console.log """
Error compiling #{file_name}: