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What ?

Sigular = Sinatra + Regulare Expression

Sigular is a small, simple tool that helps you toplay around regular expression in Ruby. You can also save your RegEx on Gist, Share it to your friend. Ideally is to evaluate regex in Ruby, get the result, save it back to Gist and view it later or share it with friend.


I'm a Ruby(also Sinatra) newbie. I built this tool to help myself learning Ruby and Sinatra at the same time. Why choose RegEx? Cuz I'm really bad at regulate espression too. So the main reason of this project is to tech myself Ruby, Sinatra, Regulare espression ;). I then realized the neeed of save the result back to Gist for reference later.


The code is terrible& deadly simple. Every idea is welcome. Just fork, send a pull request. I then merge and make it live on Heroku

Change Log

2012/07/17 0.0.2 Official live version which can run on Heroku for internal testing.

2012/07/15 0.0.1 Runable version with test data.


  1. Unit testing.
  2. Collaborating editing.