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Google Cloud Messaging based-on Sinatra
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Google Cloud Messaging based-on Sinatra framework. This small app lets you manage GCM message via a web interface. This app is also designed to easily deploy and running on heroku

Deploy on Heroku

* Clone this repo
    g clone
* Create a heroku app.
    cd sinatra-gcm
    heroku apps:create      
        Creating young-reaches-1763... done, stack is cedar |

* Add MongoLab add-on to your app.

    heroku addons:add mongolab:starter

* Register for a Google API Console on.

* Open welcome.rb, replace your key with my key

    set :AUTHORIZE_KEY => 'AIzaSyAU1_3EdDZyKdo8oRY3vWdq3_B2iUblNGg' 

* Commit your change& deploy
    g add welcome.rb
    g commit -m "Update API KEY"
    g push heroku master

* That's it.


On your Android code, when handling response from Goole GCM server with registration data, you have to POST to with data in this format {:regId => registration_id_of_device}

Then, on your webui, you can create& send notification to all those devices

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