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How to run GDB

GDB is a general-purpose debugger

gdb --args ./svfs -f example/rootdir/ example/mountdir

How to run valgrind

valgrind is a tool to debug memory problems (corruption, leaks, etc.)

valgrind ./svfs -f example/rootdir/ example/mountdir


A few interesting commands:

cd example
touch mountdir/{a,b,c,a,a,b,a,c,a,b,d,a,a,b,d,d,d,c,a}

(Note: for some reason, vim writes twice. Which means we'll have twice as many backup files :/ Except if we only write on, say, different sha1)

When it crashes

fusermount -u mountdir

When gdb breaks, you're stuck, don't try to ls, to cd, nothing, just step through gdb and quit/restart because FUSE will freeze the fuck out of your system.

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