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#ifndef _BACKUP_H_
#define _BACKUP_H_
#include <stdint.h>
#include <time.h>
#define X31_SEED 0xbafffffe
/* X31 hash implementation */
uint32_t x31 (const uint8_t *key, uint32_t len, uint32_t seed);
uint32_t hash_string(const char *string);
* Info we store for a backed up file.
* Created on-demand when a file is written to.
struct v_list {
char *path;
time_t timestamp;
struct v_list *next;
struct v_backup {
uint32_t hash;
char *path;
int num_writes;
struct v_list *backups;
struct v_backup *v_backup_new(char *path);
* A weird, sort of simplistic hash table.
* It's basically just a list of entries, sorted by
* their keys, to allow O(ln(x)) lookup.
* Definitely not optimal, but will do the job here
struct v_entry {
uint32_t key;
struct v_backup *value;
struct v_table {
uint32_t capacity;
uint32_t size;
struct v_entry **entries;
/* Create a new hash table */
struct v_table *v_table_new();
/* Print the content of the table */
void v_table_print(struct v_table *table);
/* Insert a new entry in the hash table */
void v_table_insert(struct v_table *table, uint32_t key, struct v_backup *value);
/* Look up an entry in the table */
struct v_backup *v_table_lookup(struct v_table *table, const char *path);
/* Push a new backup to take care of by the GC */
void v_backup_push(struct v_backup *backup, char *path);
/* Count number of backups stored */
int v_backup_count(struct v_backup *backup);
#endif // #ifndef _BACKUP_H_