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require 'rubygems'
require 'rake'
require 'pdoc'
PWD = Dir.pwd
OUTPUT_DIR = '/tmp/irc-js_docs'
desc 'Builds the documentation'
task :build_doc do{
source_files: [ File.join( File.dirname( __FILE__ ), 'lib', 'irc.js' ) ],
destination: OUTPUT_DIR,
syntax_highlighter: :pygments,
markdown_parser: :maruku,
src_code_text: 'View Source on GitHub →',
src_code_href: -> o { "{o.file.gsub PWD + '/', ''}#L#{o.line_number}" },
pretty_urls: true,
bust_cache: true,
name: 'IRC-js | An IRC library for node.js',
short_name: 'IRC-js',
home_url: '',
doc_url: '',
version: '0.2.18',
copyright_notice: 'This work is <a href="">UNLICENSED</a>.'
desc 'Empties output directory'
task :remove_doc do
rm_rf Dir.glob( File.join( OUTPUT_DIR, '*' ) )
desc 'Empties the output directory and builds the documentation.'
task :doc => [ :remove_doc, :build_doc ]