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Deprecation Notice: This addon was developed to add support for JSON API in Ember Data. With the release of Ember Data v1.13 support for JSON API was built-in, making this addon unnecessary. Since Ember Data now offers a similar feature set, we have decided to deprecate this addon.

For more information on how to use the offical Ember Data solution see the Ember 1.13 release notes.

This is a JSON API adapter for Ember Data 1.0 beta 19, that extends the built-in REST adapter. Please note that Ember Data and JSON API are both works in progress, use with caution.

This supports JSON API v1.0.

Specification coverage

To see details on how much of the spec this adapter covers, read the tests under tests/integration/specs/. Each field tests one section of the standard.


To install:

npm install --save-dev ember-json-api

Next, define the adapter and serializer:

// app/adapters/application.js
import JsonApiAdapter from 'ember-json-api/json-api-adapter';
export default JsonApiAdapter;

// app/serializers/application.js
import JsonApiSerializer from 'ember-json-api/json-api-serializer';
export default JsonApiSerializer;

Tests & Build

First, install depdendencies with npm install && bower install. Then run npm run serve and visit http://localhost:4200/tests.

If you prefer, use npm run test in your terminal, which will run tests without a browser. You need to have PhantomJS installed.

To build a new version, just run npm run build. The build will be available in the dist/ directory.


  • This adapter has preliminary support for URL-style JSON API. It currently only serializes one route per type, so if you have multiple ways to get a resource, it will not work as expected.


A huge thanks goes to Dali Zheng who initially maintained the adapter.


This code abides to the MIT license: