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If in doubt about how to submit, see SUBMISSION_GUIDELINES file.

In this exercise, students will be collaboratively building an elevator
simulation engine, and then individually building strategies for operating
elevators in the simulation. The goal of the project is to allow students to
explore complex modeling and problem solving while cooperatively working
together to get a lot done in a short period of time.

This is a pretty open ended exercise, but please keep the following guidelines
in mind.


- The group as a whole is expected to produce an engine that simulates elevator
  operations in a busy office building or hotel. All code related to user
  interfaces, the loading of elevator strategies, the basic data models for
  elevators, buildings, people, etc, can be shared among students.

- The simulation engine should have a simple means of producing different
  scenarios, and students should generate at least a few different scenarios to
  test the engine with.

- It should be possible to model a building with multiple elevators, and each
  elevator should be able to run its own control strategy.

- Each student needs to produce their own code which implements a strategy
  for controlling the elevators.

- The less you contribute to the core engine, the more you should focus on
  creating an interesting and creative strategy for controlling the elevators.
  But even if you have worked a lot on the core engine, you are still expected
  to implement at least a basic elevator control strategy.

- It is acceptable for students to break into subgroups and produce different
  engines for each subgroup. If more than one engine is implemented, all engines
  should at least implement a common means of defining scenarios, so that those
  can be shared by all students.

- This is the challenge exercise for the course. Don't feel overwhelmed by the
  lack of definition or complexity involved in it, the goal is to work with
  those tensions and end up working through them. You will have as much support
  as you need from Gregory and the alumni mentors to do well on this project.

Hit up the mailing list or IRC. RMU exercises are left deliberately open ended,
and often benefit from some discussion before, during, and after you work on