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#!/usr/bin/env rake
require 'bundler/setup'
rescue LoadError
puts 'You must `gem install bundler` and `bundle install` to run rake tasks'
require 'rake'
require 'rake/testtask'
require 'rbconfig'
task :test => 'test:all'
require 'rspec/core'
require 'rspec/core/rake_task' do |spec|
spec.pattern = FileList['spec/**/*_spec.rb']
end"spec:unit") do |spec|
spec.pattern = 'spec/unit/**/*_spec.rb'
end"spec:integration") do |spec|
spec.pattern = 'spec/integration/**/*_spec.rb'
end do |spec|
spec.pattern = 'spec/**/*_spec.rb'
spec.rcov = true
#require 'i18n-spec/tasks' # needs to be loaded after rspec
task :default => :spec
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