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* In this file you can enable styles which apply to web pages' content.
* To enable a specific feature, uncomment its @import line by removing "/*" at
* the beginning of the line. To disable it, put the "/*" back.
/* Firefox' internal pages
* Applies to all about: pages (settings, addons, new tab, etc). */
/*@import "pages/about-light.css"; /**/
/*@import "pages/about-dark.css"; /**/
/* Firefox' source viewer
* Applies to all view-source: pages. */
/*@import "pages/view-source-dark.css"; /**/
/* Import a custom stylesheet
* Everything you add in your customContent.css file (it doesn't exist by
* default) will be included here and preserved between updates, so you can move
* your configuration to that file if you don't like setting it up after every
* update. You can also apply your own custom styles in that file. */
@import "customContent.css"; /**/