Sample search engine with web crawler, built on Node.js + CouchDB + Limestone
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This is a really simple search engine, built with:

  • node.js
  • Sphinx search server
  • CouchDB
  • Express web framework

Right now it uses Node.js v0.1.90 (process.mixin is the only thing that won't work in 0.1.91 though).


First, you need to setup host to crawl in settings.js. Right now it's You also need CouchDB installed, and at least one database. Put database name and host into settings.js. You need to install Sphinx server from .



node spider.js

Spider starts crawling pages and putting them into DB.

To index crawled pages with Sphinx, enter node /path/to/xmlpipe2.js in sphinx.conf as xmlpipe2 source. To index newly created source right now, start indexer manually:

indexer <sourcename>


To start site, launch

node app.js

Site will be available at port 8000. Enter search terms in form and submit it.