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package sqlite3
// #include <sqlite3.h>
// #include <stdlib.h>
import "C"
import (
// Backup implements the SQLite Online Backup API.
// The backup API copies the content of one database to another. It is
// useful either for creating backups of databases or for copying in-memory
// databases to or from persistent files.
type Backup struct {
cptr *C.sqlite3_backup
db *Database
// NewBackup initializes and returns the handle to a backup.
func NewBackup(d *Database, ddb string, s *Database, sdb string) (b *Backup, e error) {
dname := C.CString(ddb)
sname := C.CString(sdb)
if cptr := C.sqlite3_backup_init(d.handle, dname, s.handle, sname); cptr != nil {
b = &Backup{cptr: cptr, db: d}
} else {
e = d.Error()
// Step will copy up to `pages` between the source and destination database.
// If `pages` is negative, all remaining source pages are copied.
func (b *Backup) Step(pages int) error {
return SQLiteError(C.sqlite3_backup_step(b.cptr,
// Remaining returns the number of pages still to be backed up.
func (b *Backup) Remaining() int {
return int(C.sqlite3_backup_remaining(b.cptr))
// PageCount returns the total number of pages in the source database.
func (b *Backup) PageCount() int {
return int(C.sqlite3_backup_pagecount(b.cptr))
// Finish should be called when the backup is done, an error occured or when
// the application wants to abandon the backup operation.
func (b *Backup) Finish() error {
return SQLiteError(C.sqlite3_backup_finish(b.cptr))
// Full creates a full backup of the database.
func (b *Backup) Full() error {
return b.db.Error()