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package sqlite3
import "C"
import "fmt"
// Table implements a high level view of a SQL table.
type Table struct {
Name string
ColumnSpec string
// Create is used to create a SQL table.
func (t *Table) Create(db *Database) (e error) {
sql := fmt.Sprintf("CREATE TABLE %v (%v);", t.Name, t.ColumnSpec)
_, e = db.Execute(sql)
// Drop is used to delete a SQL table.
func (t *Table) Drop(db *Database) (e error) {
sql := fmt.Sprintf("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS %v;", t.Name, t.ColumnSpec)
_, e = db.Execute(sql)
// Rows returns the number of rows in the table.
func (t *Table) Rows(db *Database) (c int, e error) {
sql := fmt.Sprintf("SELECT Count(*) FROM %v;", t.Name)
_, e = db.Execute(sql, func(s *Statement, values ...interface{}) {
c = int(values[0].(int64))