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Releases: kuroneko/sais


14 Oct 05:43
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SAIS GPL 1.6.3

New Changes in 1.6.3

  • Updated physfs to 3.0.2 - this should fix the "PhyFS failed to initialise: (null)" error experienced by some users on Windows.


04 Aug 21:36
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SAIS GPL 1.6.2

New Changes in 1.6.2

  • Fixed a build issue for the "official" releases that produced a macOS binary that depended on 10.15. The new build has been tested on macOS 10.11 successfully, and should work on everything inbetween too.

  • If we have to abort because something went wrong with SDL, we now display a helpful messagebox with the error message we got from SDL (if we can!). This is significantly more useful than what was happening before.

  • Fixed the input mapping for text input to now handle case correctly.


20 Jul 19:52
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SAIS GPL 1.6.1

All 1.6.1 builds have been tested on current systems and have been confirmed to launch correctly.

Changes over 1.6.0

  • HighDPI display support for Retina display macs (and hopefully all others).

  • Now correctly uses linear filtering when rescaling the window if available - this produces a much smoother, easy on the eyes appearance than the nearest rescale used previously. This looks a LOT better to me on highDPI and high resolution displays.

    • Pixel Perfect will turn the filtering off to give you that crisp pixel perfect look if that's what you want.

1.6.0 (Notarised macOS Builds)

19 Jul 11:22
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This is exactly the same as the normal 1.6.0 release, except the macOS build is now correctly built, signed and notarized and will no longer fail the gatekeeper checks on macOS Catalina (10.15).

There are no other changes over the normal 1.6.0 build and no other benefits to updating.


18 Jul 16:00
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SAIS GPL First Release (1.6.0)

This is the first "officially unofficial" binary set for SAIS GPL.

Right now these builds are not heavily tested, but are believed to work.

NOTE: The macOS build is currently not codesigned or notarised. You will likely need to bypass gatekeeper.

Changes since the Original Source Release (1.5.0)

  • Runs (mostly) uniformly now on Windows, macOS and Linux from the same codebase.
  • Update from SDL1.x to SDL2
  • Switch from OS Native file handling to PHYSFS.
    • Support loading gamedata and mods from zipfiles.
    • Make use of writable local directories for scores and config
  • Support rescaling to native resolution full-screen including "whole multiple (aka pixel perfect)" scaling.
  • Allow the main window to be resized on the fly. Doesn't redraw whilst you're resizing (yet), but it will once the resize is complete.
  • Inclusion of the Retail Data

Update (2020-07-20 02:31 UTC)

The original Linux binaries were completely broken due to a Conan related build issue. They have been replaced with a non-conan build from Ubuntu 18.04. Please read the build instructions in the README if you need a binary for a different distribution and the Ubuntu binary doesn't work for you.