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An osu! Bongo Cat overlay with smooth paw movement and simple skinning ability, written in C++. Originally created by HamishDuncanson.

You can find how to configure the application in our wiki.

Download the program here.

Hugs and kisses to CSaratakij for creating the Linux port for this project!

Any suggestion and/or collaboration, especially that relating to sprites, is welcomed! Thank you!

Original post by Kuvster.

Further information

In order to play with fullscreen on Windows 10, run both osu! and this application in Windows 7 compability mode.

Press Ctrl + R to reload configuration and images (will only reload configurations when the window is focused).

Supported operating system:

  • Windows
  • Linux (tested with Arch Linux with WINE Staging 5). Note: You must use WINE Staging, because for whatever reason on stable WINE bongocat-osu doesn't register keyboard input from other windows.

Notice: If you're using WINE on Linux, make sure that osu! and this application run in the same WINEPREFIX.

For developers

This project uses SFML and JsonCpp. JsonCpp libraries are directly included in the source using the provided from the developers.

Libraries and dependency

Windows and MinGW

To build the source, download the SFML libraries here, copy to Makefile, then replace <SFML-folder> in Makefile with the desired folder.


You need to have these dependencies installed. Check with your package manager for the exact name of these dependencies on your distro:

  • g++
  • libxdo
  • sdl2
  • sfml
  • x11
  • xrandr

Then, copy Makefile.linux to Makefile.

Building and testing

To build, run this command from the base directory:


To test the program, run this from the base directory:

make test

Alternatively, you can copy the newly-compiled bin/bongo.exe or bin/bongo into the base directory and execute it.

If you have troubles compiling, it can be due to version mismatch between your compiler and SFML. See #43 for more information.