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NodeJS application boilerplate running feathersjs HTTP server and react application frontend.
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Babel ES6, React Router Glitch boilerplate


Hello guys! This repository is a quickstart for your glitch app. Its a preset with Babel included - which enables a whole lot of modern JS language features.

I've also added the great React Router library.

You can also run your apps locally by executing npm start


This repository is based on work from

Glitch culture-zine article!/starter-react-router

React/Babel/Webpack Boilerplate

Hello friends! This project is set up and ready to go with React, webpack, and Babel. It will take care of fun stuff like supporting the latest and greatest ECMAScript features, compiling your JSX to JavaScript, and more.

You can require CSS files in your components and everything will work as expected.

Getting Off the Ground

The root of the project is in client/index.js. You can require other files from here. webpack will rebuild your project whenever you make a change. So, there is no need to refresh.

Your server also supports the latest and greatest versions of the JavaScript programming language. If you'd prefer not to run it through Babel, then you can go ahead and change babel-register back to node in your package.json.

Other than that, all batteries are included and you're ready to go!

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