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The OSCAR/Surface client

  1. You can download the Visual Studio project and compile it yourself (I used Visual Studio 2017 community)
  2. Or you download the binary release in form of a zipfile
  3. Run the software. To produce XML files from a Excel file, select an Excel file with the right format, an output directory and press "process"
  4. Note that the Excel file needs to be in the right format and expects the right headers to be present.
  5. Also note that Station type and Schedule needs to correspond to the worsheet Definitions and that the variables that are linked with the Station type are also defined in Definitions
  6. The column "AWS" results in additional observations being added to the station to model the situation where there is an additional AWS at a site
  7. The template used for generating XML is contained in the folder "resources" and is actually an XSLT stylesheet.


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